Handmade Minimalist Round Copper Bangle
Handmade Minimalist Round Copper Bangle
Handmade Minimalist Round Copper Bangle
Handmade Minimalist Round Copper Bangle
Handmade Minimalist Round Copper Bangle
Handmade Minimalist Round Copper Bangle

Handmade Minimalist Round Copper Bangle

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Handmade Round Copper Bangle 5 mm Round Band Available in All Sizes




CLASSIC - Round Band Copper Bangle. Each Bangle is Handmade and is Available in Any Size
STRONG BUT FLEXIBLE - Your Bracelet Can be Bent to Suit the Shape of Your Wrist
SIZE - The Bangle is Available in Six Main Sizes (140 mm, 150 mm, 160 mm, 170 mm, 180 mm and to 190 mm). Please Choose the Size to Suit Your Wrist, Each Bangle Has an Extra 20 mm Gap to Allow it to be Taken On and Off. If You Do Not know the Size, Most People Suit a Medium at 170 mm. If You Need a Custom Size, Please Select 'Any Size' and Send us a Message to Let us Know What you need
HANDMADE - Each Bracelet is Hand Made from Untreated Jewellery Grade Copper Sourced from United Kingdom Suppliers
TIMELESS - Design, the Round Shape of this Bracelet is Guaranteed to Complement any Look or Outfit

‣Non Magnetic Copper Bracelet for Men and Women

• A simple hand made, 5 mm round band for comfortable everyday wear. The bracelet will be a perfect match for any outfit and any occasion.
• Lovingly handmade in our workshop in Alnwick, Northumberland by beating Cornish copper around a traditional shaping mandrel.

‣Caring for Your Bracelet

Your bracelet is made of copper, which will tarnish. Many people like this as it gives copper jewellery that special, aged character.
But, if you want to make your bracelet shiny it's really easy and quick to do: simply cover your bangle in a dilute mixture of water, lemon juice and salt for a few minutes, rinse off with cool, clean water and gently pat dry. Or you can gently rub your bracelet with a small piece of fine wire wool.

‣Additional Information about Copper Bracelets

Q: Will my copper bracelet cure arthritis or joint pain? A: No, there is no scientific evidence that finds copper or copper magnetic jewellery provides any benefit over that of a placebo. However, placebos are commonly used to treat a range of ailments.

Q: Will my copper bracelet turn my skin green? A: Any kind of copper can leave copper oxide deposits on your skin that have a green colour. These are completely harmless and will wash off straightaway. Some skin creams and cosmetics make copper oxidise more quickly, which helps leaves a more colourful mark.

Q: Can I stop my bracelet tarnishing and keep it shiny? A: No, but you can slow it down. Mass produced bracelets commonly have a hard wearing coating that slows down the tarnishing. It's easy to do the same thing yourself by rubbing beeswax over the surface of your bracelet after you have cleaned it with lemon juice or buffed it with wire wool.


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