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Silver Colour Copper Magnetic Bracelet

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  • Silver Colour Patterned Copper Magnetic Bracelet With 6 Powerful Magnets
  • Stunning 8 mm wide magnetic copper bracelet. Makes an ideal gift for your loved ones.
  • Hardwearing, great quality, 99.9% copper with 6 high strength magnets.
  • The bracelet features a unique crocodile silvered pattern design.
  • The bangle can be adjusted to fit by gentle bending so that it suits your size. The bracelet can be worn as tightly or loosely as you need so that it feels comfortable.
  • Natural and drug free - People have reported that the bracelet can help with a variety of conditions such as tiredness and fatigue, migraines, arthritis and general health.
  • Pure copper - Origin's magnetic copper bracelets are guaranteed to make a perfect present for your wife, your friend, your family or any of the people you love.
  • Presentation box - Your bangle will be delivered in a beautiful presentation jewellery box that can be used to keep any bracelet safe and sound.
  • Beautiful gift - makes a lovely present for the special person in your life





Magnetic bracelets are commonly used to treat the symptoms of arthritic conditions. Copper is considered to have anti-inflammatory effects in the body, and may therefore have painkilling properties. One study showed that copper from a bracelet can be absorbed into the body, and it does seem that this can offer some relief from arthritic pain.

There are countless reports of people who have found magnetic therapy has relieved a variety of conditions including arthritis, menstrual cramps, headaches and carpal tunnel syndrome. It is not known for sure how magnets work. What is known, however, is that magnetic fields exist in all living things, including our own bodies, and some scientists believe that an imbalance in the body's field can lead to pain and disease. It is thought that magnets may re-balance the body's energy, thereby restoring health and relieving pain. There is also some evidence that magnets may improve blood flow, helping with the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the body's tissues.

We will supply your bracelet in a complimentary jewellery box so you can keep it safe when you aren't wearing it (box style may vary).

Please do not wear magnetic jewellery if you have a pacemaker or other electrical medical device unless you have spoken to a health professional. If you have experienced any issues from wearing jewellery items containing plastics, leather, precious and other metals we advise you to only wear products manufactured from surgical grade stainless steel.