Unisex Plain Copper Magnetic Bracelet

Unisex Plain Copper Magnetic Bracelet

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  • Stunning 8 mm wide magnetic copper bracelet.
  • Hard wearing, high quality, 99.9% copper with 6 high strength magnets.
  • The unique patterned designs of the bracelet were inspired by wild flowers and herbs.
  • The bangle can be adjusted to fit by gentle bending so that it suits your size. The bracelet can be worn as tightly or loosely as you need so that it feels comfortable.
  • Pure copper - Origin's magnetic copper bracelets are guaranteed to make a perfect present for your wife, partner or any special person in your life.

Please do not wear magnetic jewellery if you have a pacemaker or other electrical medical device unless you have spoken to a health professional. If you have experienced any issues from wearing jewellery items containing plastics, leather, precious and other metals we advise you to only wear products manufactured from surgical grade stainless steel.